Monday, 6 August 2012

Spider Man!

Imagine being a little tiny spider, creeping through your habitat where you are discovered and named after an esteemed British nature journalist...

Well, this happened to the Prethopalpus attenboroughi. It is a spider which is found solely on Horn Island just off of Queensland, and was named after Sir David Attenborough (in appreciation of over 60 years of his contribution to documenting nature). This tiny spider is little over a millimetre (1.04mm) long. Its name in English is Attenborough's goblin spider.

Although this is not the first species to be named after the famed Sir, he took the accolade with such grace. After myself watching some of his documentaries, I have become fascinated and mesmerised with his commentary and his nature programs which are second-to-none.

So it seems that Spider Man is not reserved solely to the pages of a comic, or the screen of film, but they also belong in the land of Oz.

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