Friday, 10 August 2012

Weird chemical names...

In the world of science, you would think that scientists are clever and wouldn't name chemicals strangely. Think again. Well, probably when they first named the chemical they didn't see the funny side to the chemicals and that's because the majority of these chemicals are volatile and have dangerous reactions.


This molecule is found in the roots of the Aniba megaphylla roots. This molecule is not limited to just being produced by nature it is also able to be made by man. Its molecular formula is C22H30O6.
 Angelic acid
(Z)-2-methylbut-2-enoic acid
This acid is also found in nature. It is found in roots of the Garden Angelica and is also used as a mechanism by beetles to prevent them from being eaten. This acid is malodorous and has a sour taste (which is good for the beetle as it provides them with a speedy get-away!). Its molecular formula is C5H8O2.

Obviously gets its name from its appearance. But this molecule does not exist in reality but only in theory due to the strain the square shape would place on the Carbon-Carbon bonds. However a "broken" version of this molecule has been made and it only has 3 squares. Its molecular formula is C9H12
 Traumatic Acid
dodec-2-enedioic acid
This acid also appears in nature. As you could guess from the name, it has something to do with trauma or traumatic incidents. Well that's correct. Traumatic acid is used by plants to "heal" themselves. The acid stimulates cell division so the plant produces more cells near the trauma site to form a protective layer and ultimately close the "wound". It's the plant version of humans forming scabs when they injure themselves. The molecular formula is C12H20O4.

So fear not explorers, though these chemicals have long scientific names they also have these weird and wacky nicknames too. So be ready to impress your friends by sprouting these out the nibs of your pens.

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