Friday, 21 September 2012

The pretty catcher

Seeing spiders weave their webs to catch insects is something that I have always found fascinating. The delicate intricacies which mean that the web can hold fast something of a reasonable size in it (I hate when you walk into a web!). But recent studies have shown that spiders now spin their webs in such a way that makes it attractive to flies.

The spiders which spin their webs into the shape of an Orb have now been shown to weave in UV decorations to attract their prey.  Scientists previously had thought that it is for the purposes of camouflage, mating signals, sun shades and to scare away birds.

The scientists studied the wasp spider who seemed to weave diagonally through the web particularly in the centre. This central portion seemed better at reflecting UV light than any other section.

Explorer Fact: it seems pretty much that no one knows precisely what the UV aspect of the web is for and it seems that more studying is necessary. I can assure you that though I am an explorer that would definitely not be something that I would want to do as I am not a fan of spiders in the slightest bit. Thank goodness the spiders here are limited to the size of a 2p coin.

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