Thursday, 20 December 2012

Home Furnishings

'Tis the season to furnish our homes, with the joys of Christmas. Windows are filled with decorations and the front gardens have a plethora of reindeers and fake Santas. Inside houses are swaddled in rugs, carpets, snuggly sofas and decor which screams 'This is my house. I've put my stamp on it!' However humans are not the only organism to effectively carry out interior design.

Bowerbirds are well known for their mating rituals, in which the male strives to create the most aesthetically appealing nest in order to not only impress a female but also entice her, to become his mate. The male Bowerbird uses anything from petals, seeds, glass and pins to live insects to decorate his nest.

So it seems that humans are not the only organism to be house proud, however for the Bowerbird this is a necessity for them continuing their species.

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