Thursday, 28 February 2013


My whole basis behind creating The Science Tree was to share something which I believe I have a passion for with others, if I could inspire or interest just 1 person it would make me happy, and I would feel like I had succeeded in my goal.

Ever since, I was young, I loved reading and learning about animals, or the human body or even certain aspects of the dreaded subject Physics, but it wasn't until I entered sixth form, when I really felt inspired by my Chemistry and Biology teachers and through extra reading.

Science is a hard topic to study especially to a higher level, as often as a youngster you are taught a very,very simplified version, and then gradually the difficulty mounts as you grow (you could say it's directly proportional!). However I have always kept up this passion, and now I study Biochemistry at university. If I can get there so can you too! (You just have to believe in yourself)

The main point behind this post, is a thank you to all the Explorers who have ever read a post I've written as it such a great encouragement, and I will try and find more interesting things to discuss with you.

You are also my inspiration to continue exploring the ever-expanding realm of the sciences.

The Explorer
PS. happy the determination of the chemical structure of DNA day!

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