Thursday, 7 February 2013


A new nature documentary Africa, has been hitting our television screens over the last few weeks, enlightening us, and making us emotional when we follow the lives of some of Africa's greatest animals. However, these great animals, like the lion, elephant and rhino all, face the stark possibility of being poached and their hides, tusks and horns, being sold on the black market.

According to recent statistics it appears, that the most prolific poaching occurring in Africa is to elephants. Over 11,000 elephants have been killed by poachers ONLY in Gabon since 2004, for their tusks which are traded to Asia, for use as jewellery or in medicines. Gabon is a home, to nearly 40,000 Forest Elephants, and when you look at the figures for those killed, the reality is that it is a quarter of them ave been murdered. Although Gabon are trying to prevent these poachers, the national reserves are such large expanses that it is hard to catch, let alone find these poachers. And to make things even harder, the poachers aren't even from Gabon themselves, they are from neighbouring countries like Cameroon and The Democratic Republic of Congo.


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