Sunday, 3 February 2013

You've Higgs the jackpot!!

Professor Peter Higgs, one half of the duo who identified the Higgs-Boson particle is inspiring Scottish pupils in secondary school. He is launching The Higgs Prize which will act not only as inspiration to the next generation but also support the future for science. His prize is open to those who excel in Physics, and is said to launch on Tuesday, in order to coincide with Scotland showcasing it's scientific prowess.

Part of the Higgs prize, aside from the name, will allow the winner to take a trip to the science headquarters of the world, CERN and view experiments and speak to world-renowned scientists.

Personally, as a young scientist myself, I feel that this is a brilliant decision, as it will allow children to aspire not only to excel in science but also to see the 'bigger picture' of how scientists actually work and develop theories. Moreover, it can act as a springboard, helping them and us in the future to succeed in discovering new aspects in all fields of modern day science. However this prize should not just be kept in the realm of Scotland, it should be rolled out across all secondary schools in the UK and Ireland.

Explorer Fact: The Higgs-Boson particle is generally referred to as 'The God particle'

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