Thursday, 4 July 2013

The wonderful Mrs Curie.

Mrs Curie also known as Marie Curie, was an absolutely amazing scientist. She didn't just stick to 1 type of science, but she was a high achiever in not only Physics but also Chemistry.

Marie was the first woman to win a Noble Prize ever, not only this but she was the only person to win the prize in 2 fields. In 1903 she shared her first noble prize with her husband Pierre Curie and fellow physicist Henri Becquerel. Marie, finally got a Noble prize all to herself in 1911 for her work in Chemistry.

Among some of her discoveries, Marie Curie discovered the elements radium and polonium. Moreover she and her husband helped to solidify the knowledge of radioactivity.

Curie was a brilliant scientist and consequently numerous locations around our globe are named after her. Although Curie lived a glittering life, I guess you could say she died as a consequence of her research. She died on July 4th 1934 from pernicious anaemia, a condition thought to have been contracted from her long term exposure to radiation.

So add the 4th of July to your science calendar so we can celebrate the life of the wonderful Marie Curie.

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