Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Stop! Burger Time

I know that it's not the usual day for posts, but this caught my eye and I thought I must share it with you guys.

A test-tube burger has been created in London, and eaten by people at a press conference. 

Scientists from Maastricht univeristy took stem cells from a cow and then differentiated them into muscle cells and allowed them to grow into strips and made a burger from them.

This burger research cost £215,000, and I guess some would say this new development in growing edible things from a Petri dish could potentially help to end world hunger.

Tasters of the burger said it had the taste and feel of a regular burger, but was leaner and had less fat and hence was less juicy. Obviously this lab-grown version of a meat beef burger is going to be unable to replace the traditional burgers which we have grown to love. But it does show the understanding which scientists have about stem cells and the capability of producing food without using vast areas of land and generating a lot of greenhouse gas. So maybe, just maybe, this could be a new frontier for food production.

All I know is that I for one will be sticking to the regular burgers, until this new frontier has been fully explored.

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