Friday, 16 August 2013

Where are they? Over Hair!

The idea of tracking animals has been in force for many years. The information gained from such a tracking mechanism, enables scientists and conservationists a first hand look into the life of the particular animal and the many journeys which it undertakes in it's life. Generally the sort of animals tracked are fairly large, so birds, turtles and sharks are animals which initially spring to mind.

But in a world's first; ants are going to be tracked.

1,000 Hairy Wood Ants have been fitted with radio transmitters( on the top of their exoskeleton abdomens) via the use of a special adhesive. The Northern Hairy Wood Ants have a near threatened status and are found mostly in the north of England in the Peak District and up on the Yorkshire Moors.

The ants will be tracked with their whereabouts and what they are carrying. The evidence collected could be used to understand how ants communicate and travel between their various nests.

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