Thursday, 19 September 2013

The humans of the future.

Whilst doing some research, I came across a most surprising article, describing what humans were expected to look like in 102013. Firstly I wouldn't even know how to say this year out loud: ten twenty thirteen or a hundred and two and thirteen, either way it's a long long way from now.

The most surprising part of this article was the picture included. According to Nickolay Lamm we will have large, buy eyes with rather prominent foreheads with a pigmented skins tone. Lamm spoke to Dr Alan Kwan who guided his illustration. Kwan is an expert in computational genomics from the Washington University. 

Obviously to gain these features, one would have to assume that our environment would act as the main selection pressure in determining what changes happen to the human physique. Changes in the air and the light around us (becoming either brighter or dimmer) will affect our facial features, most probably our skin and eyes (size, colour and shape). Moreover it has also been predicted that the size of our head will continue to grow, and has been doing so since the Middle Ages, in order to accommodate our growing brain size. 

I guess this is an interesting topic really. To think about what we would look like in the future. I just hope humans don't  end up looking like Animé cartoon characters, although that would be rather interesting. But who knows what the future will hold, maybe we will all just morph into 1 uniform look or maybe we will turn into these weird bug-eye creatures.

All I know for sure is that I don't want to be there when this happens, it would be horrifyingly scary to witness!

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