Thursday, 12 September 2013

The Martian Four

Ever wanted to colonize a new land all by yourself (with some help from others)? Lay down the laws and decide how you and everyone around you should live?

If the answer is YES, maybe you should have applied for the one way trip to Mars.

The Mars One mission organizers in partnership with the entrepreneur Bas Lansdorp has set about trying to find a team of volunteers, who would be willing to be blasted into space in 2023 and leave everything they have grown to love behind. The trip to Mars, isn't really a trip, but more  a 1 way flight, as vehicles coming back from Mars haven't been developed yet. (which really raises queries as to what would happen in a case of emergency).

202,586 people have applied for this mission by explaining why they are perfect to go to the Red planet. However, I believe that the role of the team will not be purely for their own entertainment. They will more than likely be looking to extend our current understanding of the solar system and our universe whilst they live on the planet.

Out of the 202,586 applicants, it will be narrowed down to 24 Mars One astronauts, and finally an elite group of 4 will be chosen to be the first human inhabitants of Mars.

The total cost of this project is expected to reach £4 billion. The committee aim to gain back the money by launching a reality TV programme, following the 4 astronauts who touch-down on Mars. 

Personally, I don't think that this is such a great idea. Obviously, from having people actually living on the planet, we would be able to gain invaluable knowledge not only about Mars but also the rest of the solar system, but I feel that the astronauts haven't been considered as real people but more as humanoid versions of the Mars Rover; as contingency plans for emergencies seem rather underdeveloped.

It will be a historical first in colonising another planet, but what else other than scientific gain will be attained?

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