Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Awake the sleeping babies.

The prospect of having children, is something which most women yearn for. You could say this has been developed from a young age with the playing of 'families' and 'babies', however for some women the future of having a baby is unattainable. This could be due to a number of reasons, the main, due to early menopause.

Doctors in the the US and Japan have developed a technique to 'reawaken' eggs in women who have undergone early menopause. A small group of 27 women were used in this study. The selection criteria was that the women had to have become infertile at the age of 30 due to having insufficient eggs, causing them to run out of eggs, before they have started a family and leading to infertility.

The US and Japanese teams attempted to reactivate any remaining follicles in the ovaries. They removed the ovaries and sliced them into fragments, they then proceeded to add a chemical which inhibits egg development. The ovary fragments were then inserted back into the fallopian tube, and the women were administered with a hormone therapy treatment. The follicles began to develop in around 8 of the women and so the eggs were removed and taken through the stages of normal IVF treatment.

The eggs then gave rise to an actual baby and another baby is also expected shortly. This study, is ground-breaking and could help with other forms of infertility, once the technique has been developed further.

This technique could help to expand the population of the world and continue the baby boom, we here in the UK have experienced year on year!

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