Sunday, 9 February 2014

The tale of a much loved little giraffe.

Little Marius, was a 2 year old giraffe, who hailed from Copenhagen zoo. The zoo could not keep Marius, as when he matured there would have been a risk of in-breeding, giving rise to possible mutations in their giraffe population. 

An online petition was signed with thousands of signatures urging the zoo not to destroy this gentle giant. The Yorkshire Wildlife Park, which has a specialised giraffe house, and which had room to cope with a new male in the sanctuary, offered to take Marius. But instead they were turned down and the Copenhagen zoo, killed Marius with a bolt gun and invited visitors of the zoo to watch a dissection of his body. 

Marius' body is expected to be used for research and to feed some of the carnivores at the zoo.

Hundreds of people have taken to the internet to campaign against the death of Marius, with animal activists stating that his death was barbaric and calling the zoo unethical. 

So why didn't Copenhagen zoo want Marius to be rehomed? I for one, would have been willing to have kept Marius, as did many other zoos who offered.

Explorer fact: the joints that look like knees on the front legs of a giraffe are in fact wrists. It is the back legs which have the hinged joint.

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