Tuesday, 26 August 2014

We are Golden.

In year 9 when a substitute teacher was asked by the class 'why is maths so important?', he simply replied 'Because maths is everywhere. In what we do, in the skies and on the ground. In nature and in nuture'. My sub was right (of course!) and this is demonstrated through my favourite decimal number, which has a rather Godly name:- The Divine Proportion.

The number which is in fact referred to by all manner of fanciful names (the golden ratio, the divine section, the golden proportion etc.) is represented by the Greek letter Phi and in numerical terms is 1.6180339887...

The ratio appears in architecture, art, music and nature. Adolf Zeising, a German psychologist found that the golden ratio was expressed in the stems of plants and in the number of veins on the leaves.

Explorer Fact: It has been found that the proportions of the human body all fall within the ratio of Phi. For example your height divided by the distance between your belly button and the ground equals (roughly) Phi.

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