Friday, 2 January 2015

And a clutch of tadpoles.

It's a new year! Happy 2015, and what could be more joyful than little babies....well in this case, little tadpoles.

It has been realised that the Limnonectes larvaepartus (fanged frog), gives birth to live tadpoles rather than lay unfertilized eggs for a male frog to fertilise. The Limnonectes larvaepartus is a species of fanged frog found in Indonesia.A study in Plos One, has described this phenomenon.

The reason why this method of producing offspring was so shocking to the zoologists is because the vast majority of the frog population-nearly 6.000 frogs-all reproduce externally. The fanged frog is only one of 10-12 species of frog which gives birth to tadpoles rather than baby frogs (froglets) or spawn. It is still unclear as to how the male frog is able to fertilise the eggs which the female produces internally, however I'm sure that as further studies into this species is developed, then the more will be known about the fanged frogs method of reproduction.