Wednesday, 10 June 2015

It's a bumpy ride along the road to discovery!

We always hear of the accidental scientific breakthroughs, take for instance Alexander Flemming and penicillin. This for one has always struck me as being extremely lucky, I always thought that if such a vital drug could be found in such a lackadaisical manner,it makes sense that if you work really hard for a long period of time on one subject, then you are bound to see a new finding on the horizon.

I was wrong.

Very wrong.

Time is a concept which science does not abide by.

I've been working on a singular protein for almost a year now and there hasn't been any glimmers of hope. No eureka moments and no definite answers. It's not to say that I have completely abandoned hope. But I've realised now that science is not just a straight path to the answer, in fact it is a winding one. One that moves you one step forward and three steps back. Nevertheless I think persistence is key.

(I'm still awaiting my eureka moment!)

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