Sunday, 10 January 2016

Book Review: Drunk Tank Pink

I love reading all genres of books, and I especially enjoy books which open up my perspective on life, people and the way in which we as a society perceive the world.  Drunk Tank Pink by Adam Alter, is most certainly a book which encompasses all these aspects.
The book takes you on a journey through the subconscious decisions we make entirely without knowing, or on the factors which alter our feelings and mindset completely without our realization.
The book title 'Drunk Tank Pink' is taken from the Baker-Miller shade of pink, a colour which has been claimed to reduce violent and aggressive behavior when exposed for a period of time to it, and as such has been used in correctional institutions and prison cells. So it is this subconscious suggestion the book begins, and progresses through to names, symbols, culture, colours and weather and how they influence our decisions.
If you like the prospect of questioning everything in the world, or if you are just searching for an interesting read, I thoroughly recommend this book.