Sunday, 8 May 2016

'Appy 90th Birthday Sir David Attenborough!

As you probably know, I love Sir David Attenborough's documentaries, and I am sure that I have almost watched them all! With every new series released, they never fail to disappoint, taking you on a journey through a plethora of emotions- from anxiety to jubilation- with each episode. (Never have I willed a gosling to survive more than when I watched Planet Earth!)

I must say that for me, Attenborough has certainly broadened my horizons with the sheer number and variety of animals which he has presented on our screens throughout his life. And for that, I am now a firm nature documentary lover and nothing can compare to hearing the smooth narration of Attenborough over a beautiful landscape or seascape shot!

Thus, the news which I have just heard is music to my ears!

In honor of David's 90th birthday, an app called 'The Story of Life'.  The mobile app is set to offer more than 1,000 clips of Attenborough's work for the BBC and bring hundreds of animals, their environments and their behavior to life. I am so excited and cannot wait to do a review on it when it arrives. I think this is so brilliant, as the app will be available globally, and moreover it is FREE! (thank you!)

Happy 90th Sir David Attenborough!

Monday, 2 May 2016

Viva la viva!

As a biochemistry penultimate year student, some of the compulsory tasks I have been set is to complete a 'wet' laboratory project, write a dissertation on the topic and attend a viva assessment meeting with 2 academic members of staff, with specialist knowledge in that area.

I was very lucky as I was allowed to pick the supervisor and the topic of my choice. As next year I will be a masters student, it meant that this year my dissertation was very short and only 3,000 words. I had so much more I could have written, looking back now. Cutting the word count down was particularly challenging as everything seemed just too important to cut out.

However, I think the main difficulty is in the preparation of the viva.

I've read, reread and triple-read my dissertation, reread the references and then on top of that tried to think of the questions which they could ask, both the obscure and the obvious- I always think the questions with the most obvious answers are sometimes the most difficult to answer. 

 A sneak peak into my life at the moment. Papers Galore!

Fingers crossed it goes well tomorrow!