Monday, 2 May 2016

Viva la viva!

As a biochemistry penultimate year student, some of the compulsory tasks I have been set is to complete a 'wet' laboratory project, write a dissertation on the topic and attend a viva assessment meeting with 2 academic members of staff, with specialist knowledge in that area.

I was very lucky as I was allowed to pick the supervisor and the topic of my choice. As next year I will be a masters student, it meant that this year my dissertation was very short and only 3,000 words. I had so much more I could have written, looking back now. Cutting the word count down was particularly challenging as everything seemed just too important to cut out.

However, I think the main difficulty is in the preparation of the viva.

I've read, reread and triple-read my dissertation, reread the references and then on top of that tried to think of the questions which they could ask, both the obscure and the obvious- I always think the questions with the most obvious answers are sometimes the most difficult to answer. 

 A sneak peak into my life at the moment. Papers Galore!

Fingers crossed it goes well tomorrow!

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