What interests me!

As much as I love science in general, there are some areas which I prefer that little bit more and these are:

This is probably my most favourite area of biology. It is amazing how essential our immune system is for survival, and that a singular mutation, deficiency or excess of any of the cells or chemicals within it can have such a dramatic effect on our lives.

Molecular Oncology
This is a topic which I have only recently begun to be interested in. I started to learn through a module at University the firm grasp which cancerous cells have on our bodies, and how our bodies try and combat these persistent tumor cells

My favourite subject at school (alongside Chemistry).

The key to understanding the building blocks of life. It is also my degree. It is a difficult subject at best, however it is SO fascinating that it balances out the complexity.

I love animals.

The brain holds a certain fascination for me, and neuroscience is a step towards understanding all the intricacies this muscle can do (and makes us do). I still like to ponder over the question 'Can a singular neuron think?'

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