Friday, 22 June 2012

Bee Mine

Bees, I'm not a fan especially as they seem to love attacking me, and the fact that there are 20,000 different species does not excite me in the slightest. But I have learnt to give them the respect they require as they are pretty intelligent creatures.

Though bees aerodynamically should not be able to fly (particularly the fatter bumblebees) they  can!  It is claimed that their wing flight pattern is similar to that of a helicopter. The way their wings flap manages to keep them in the air, and this is through the fact that their wings flap around 230 times a second. This is rather amazing as if you look at some bees their body is so enormous compared to their wing size. I really wonder how they manage to stay in flight or at least fly in a straight line. But then that's the beauty of nature!

The most intelligent aspect of bees is their waggle dance. They use this to communicate to the other bees where their food or pollen source, water source or even new home is. The length of the dance is based on the distance from the hive to the flower (or wherever they want to go).

So the next time a bee flies in your face, don't swat it away. Run away, yes, but whilst running, marvel at this bristly little creature who can not only dance but can also defy science and fly!

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