Monday, 25 June 2012

George is lonesome no more.

George, the last of the Pinta Giant tortoises from the Galapagos islands has died.

Giant tortoises were taken from their habitat by sailors for the purpose of food. These tortoises were taken far quicker than their numbers were able to be replenished, thus their numbers experienced a sharp decrease. This resulted in George, being on his "lonesome".

George spent most of his life in the Charles Darwin Research Station (for his own safety away from the goats which were and still are damaging his natural habitat), where there were many attempts in trying to coerce him into mating with several females. Though he did mate with some females, the eggs did not hatch, so the mating was deemed as unsuccessful.

Thus the status of the Chelonoidis Nigra Abingdoni due to the death of George is seen now as EXTINCT.

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