Thursday, 7 March 2013

You can ring my bell.

What device does practically everyone in the world have?

 Check your pockets.

 It's a phone!!

With the movement in technology, telephones have become smaller and more portable, and now they are not even solely telephones anymore. They are able to surf the Internet, send messages to other people and perform most of the operations a computer can.

It was this very day, 7th March 1876, when Alexander Graham Bell was awarded the first ever American patent for the telephone. Although, this invention, really took off in the 19th century, Bell himself refused to have one in his own personal study.

Bell originally thought that multiple reeds were needed for communication, however upon the plucking of a single reed by his coworker, Thomas Watson, Bell on the receiving end of the wire, heard the string pluck, which indicated only a singular string was necessary. This device led to the 'gallows' sound powered telephone that could transmit muffled sounds rather than distinct speech.

A few days after Bell had his patent granted, he tried his invention using a liquid transmitter which was very similar in design to Gray's. Consequently even in the present day Bell is thought of as having "stolen" the telephone from Gray, although he refrained from using Gray's device in public after March 1876.

The telephone: what a No-bell idea.

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