Thursday, 18 July 2013

The Suit of Invisibility.

Even if you haven't watched Jaws, I think we are all familiar with the fact that Sharks are attracted to the splashing of swimmers and surfers bobbing along the surface of the water. The fact that they also explore new things with their mouths, also increases their chance of biting as they are being purely inquisitive.

2 new wet suits have been unveiled from Scientists from the University of Western Australia alongside SAMS (Shark Attack Mitigation Systems). These wet suits will hopefully act as a sort of 'invisibility' device, to render swimmers and surfers to blend in with their oceanic background.

It has been recently discovered that Sharks are in fact colour blind, and 1 of the suits camouflages the wearer against the water (the Elude suit), and the other suit copies nature's warning signs by being striped (the Diverter).

Hopefully these new suits will help to change Western Australia's nickname name of 'Shark Attack Capital' for the better. Although these suits have not yet been tested, there are plans to test the suits with Great White Sharks in South Australia and South Africa this summer.

There are big expectations from these suits. So hopefully soon they will be on sale, and will help to save the lives of many a surfer.

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