Thursday, 29 August 2013

Atomic number 115.

The periodic table is a very familiar sight to scientists and non scientists alike. The modern day periodic table was first produced in 1869 by Dimitri Mendeleev, who arranged elements according to their atomic number. The highest atomic number in the current periodic table is 103, however this could all be about to change.

A new element with an atomic number of 115 has been presented alongside new groundbreaking evidence. This element had first been discovered by Russian scientists in 2004, but is still awaiting verification 9 years on, by the chemistry and physics governing bodies.

The new evidence was presented by a Swedish team this year, and it explains the element's high radioactivity levels and consequently it's extremely short half life. A half life is the time taken for an element to decompose, and the new element 115, has a half life of less than a second.

Although this new element has not yet been verified it is in good hands with the GSI research unit in Germany who have discovered 6 other new elements previously.

This could potentially mean that a new periodic table may be required soon, but first this new element needs to be verified and gain a name.

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