Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Are you AI-live?

We know all about robots and the obsession we seem to have with creating something in as much of a life-like way as possible. The awe which we hold when robots carry-out complex tasks which we label as being 'human'.

ASIMO, Honda's robot.
Even TV shows are appearing with the idea of AIs overtaking humans (my whole reason behind this post, is because I have started watching a drama series on AIs), not in number, but ability and intelligence. Obviously, this is a figment of someone's imagination on what the future holds, however, is the rise of the AI as fictitious as I would like to believe?

A couple of months ago a New York robot passed a test which is known as the King's Wise Men puzzle. This puzzle acts a method for detecting self-awareness. The test was adapted for 3 robots. The robots were told that they had been given a dumbing pill that prevented them from talking. They were then asked which of them could talk.

Initially all the robot's claimed not to know the answer to the puzzle until a single robot piped up after hearing its own voice and said 'Sorry, I know now!'

This is only the first step in achieving consciousness in a man-made being, however, actual self-awareness and the idea of robots with a 'conscience' is a way into the future.

What do you think about the possibility of a being so technically advanced that we would be unable to fix it or even compete with it on the basis of intelligence?

I have mixed feelings. It's great for the advancement of the fields of robotics, engineering and technology but what I would really like to know is where the line gets drawn between 
what is classified as living and not.

I will continue watching my AI drama series and live tweeting later today on Twitter: @TheScienceTree

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