Tuesday, 24 November 2015

All about The Hunt!

love a good documentary, particularly if it is about nature, intriguing creatures and even more if it is narrated by Sir David Attenborough. Ever since I was young I would hurriedly turn the TV channel to whatever was the current animal documentary pick on the BBC.  I've worked my way through numerous episodes and series' including Africa, Frozen Plant and Life Stories, however out of all these, I must say I am particularly enjoying The Hunt.
So far in the series, there has been 4 episodes: The Hardest Challenge, In the Grip of the Seasons, Hide and Seek (forest) and Hunger at Sea (Oceans). My favourite episode is without a doubt Hunger at Sea. How can this be case, when there were tiger kills filmed, a hilarious polar bear attempt at creeping up on a seal and beautiful autumnal and winter scenes I hear you cry.
I loved Finding Nemo as a child, and this episode, really brought alive the animated film, and the way in which the underwater dwellers work together to find food or battle off predators! It also highlighted the sheer amount of research the Disney production team carried out in order to try and make their animated oceans as true-to-life as possible. (I actually managed to name a number of species purely through my Finding Nemo knowledge). Moreover, seeing the blue whale and how it feeds on krill was an incredible experience and I am exceptionally jealous of the camera people who experienced this first hand.
I eagerly await the next episode, where I will be live tweeting at @thesciencetree and will write a blog post after sharing my favourite parts from that episode.

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