Sunday, 6 December 2015

The End of Term

So I am as of this week, officially 1/4 of the way through my Intergrated Master's course. It has been a long and arduous term, full of highs and lows (the low was definitely when I could not remember the amino acid properties required for alanine scanning). But hey, I am an undergraduate and still learning.
So I've decided a list of achievements I want to make by the end of next term.
1. Ace my mini dissertation
A 3,500 word essay on my biotechnological topic of small molecule binders. I am enjoying it and I have many ideas to further the work of my lab but I really need to ace this especially as it is worth the majority of credits for this year.
2. Blog more
This blog is my passion. I started The Science Tree before I came to uni and I feel like ever so slightly it's lost it's way or I've run out of steam (sorry, being honest here). So I feel a new change in direction is required. Plus I will intend to post weekly and be more active on Twitter (@thesciencetree) too!
3. Decide on a career path
It is always difficult to know what you want to do. Careers at this age seem so definitive. I need to decide between training as a patent attorney, becoming a scientist in the medical sector or branching out into the science publishing sector. All of them, are jobs which I can see myself pursuing. It's so difficult to decide.
Basically, I need to formulate a plan, and what is a better than writing it all down.

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