Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Oh Careers!

I always find the prospect of deciding a career path very difficult. Not because my degree (Biochemistry MBiol with Industrial placement) can only take you down a certain path, but because it is so flexible that I have not been able to narrow down the endless possibilities open to me. Although I have roughly 16 months left of my degree, I always think it is never too late to start looking, making lists and 'to dos' and creating a plan for the future.
Of course, when I began my career research the most obvious paths were R&D, teaching and academia, which are all great areas. However, I much prefer the theoretical side to science- the writing, the understanding, the wordplay and connotations derived from a piece of text. So, naturally I have wandered towards science journalism and medical writing, both of which (with further research!) I strongly think are a fields which I would not only enjoy working in but also fields  I could see myself progressing in career-wise through the years.
I know, that I want a job which involves science, but may not be lab based, so I feel writing about science is the right career for me.


  1. So many researchers and academic scientists can't communicate their research in a manner that the public can understand. We need more scientifically trained writers to translate for the public! I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one who loves science, but doesn't want to be a scientist per say.

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