Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Colours of the Sky

Recently, the sunsets have been really beautiful and I've been trying to capture them all. Then I thought to myself, I know why the sky is blue, but where do the cornucopia of colours which make up the beautiful horizon come from?

My daily view
Another beautiful sunset

So, the colours of the sunset, occur due to small particles in the atmosphere which alter the direction of the light rays, scattering them in multiple directions. It is the scattering of the light which has an effect on the overall colour of the light, but it is the wavelength of the light and the size of the particle which is more responsible for the subtle changes in hue.

At sunset, the sun is low on the horizon, so the sunlight travels through more air. More air, means more molecules which are able to scatter blue and violet away from our eyes. All the other colours like yellow, red and orange remain unscattered and travel to our eyes (hence why we tend to see the reddish-orangey sunsets).

What breathtaking sunsets have you captured?

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